German Language National Support Group

WCBCT2019 will be working closely with all the German CBT Associations who are members of EABCT together with the German speaking association’s in Austria and Switzerland to ensure that the Congress reflects the needs and talents of this area of Europe.

This National Support Group met with the Organisers and Co-Chairs of the scientific committee at the City Cube recently and will play an increasingly important role in the development of all aspects of the congress.

National Support Group (left to right)
Karin Pöhlmann (AVM-Deutschland), Jan Richter (DGPs), Ania Conradi (DGPs), Jürgen Tripp (DPtV), Thomas Heidenreich , Waltraud Deubert (DGVT), Ingeborg Pucher-Matzner (ÖGVT), Rudi Merod (DGVT), background Andreas Veith, Kurt Hahlweg, Monika Basqué (DGVT), Peggy Schiemenz (DGVT) and Stefanie Schmidt (AVM-Schweiz).