Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at the Crossroads

9th World Congress of Behaviour and Cognitive Therapy

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The CityCube, Berlin, Germany from 17-20 July 2019

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The European Association of Behaviour and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) is proud to have been chosen to host the World Congress of Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy in Berlin in 2019. EABCT is an organisation with a membership of 51 European CBT association’s and 4 associate members from outside of Europe. These associations have a combined membership of over 25,000 CBT therapists who come from 36 European countries and make it the largest and most diverse CBT umbrella association in the world.

EABCT has a long history and proven record of hosting successful international Congresses on behaviour and cognitive therapy. The first WCBCT Congress was held in Copenhagen in 1995. 12 years later EABCT hosted the 2007 World Congress in Barcelona that was attended by over 3,000 delegates. 2019 will be another 12 years since the Congress was held in Europe. EABCT is delighted to once again welcome CBT practitioners, scientists, trainers and educators as well as policy makers, from across the world,  back to Europe.

EABCT’s membership has the scientific and clinical expertise to make the 2019 Congress a memorable success and explore the future development of cognitive and behavioural therapies across the world and across all aspects of health and social care in the 21st Century.

We believe that WCBCT 2019 will  attract well in excess of the 3,000+ delegates who attended in Barcelona in 2007. We also anticipate a wider representation from across all continents and will build on the success of the EABCT Annual Congress in Marrakech in 2013 which attracted delegates from over 60 countries.

Congress Organisers
Andreas Veith
Rod Holland

Co-chairs Scientific Committee
Philip Tata
Thomas Heidenreich

Hosted by
The European Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy